I have practiced law since 1975 and have limited my practice to the area of Family Law since approximately 1980. My practice is concentrated on complex family law matters usually involving issues relating to property valuation and division, characterization of property as community or separate property and support. If custody becomes a major issue, I will bring in co-counsel to handle the custody portion of the case while I handle the other portions.  My general philosophy of family law litigation is that almost all cases are capable of settlement and should be settled. I am successful in settling cases approximately 95% of the time. However, if a case cannot be settled, then it should be vigorously litigated. I have tried scores of cases lasting from one day to several months. In recent years, most of my trials have lasted a week or more.

Christy Wise, Ph.D. is a faculty member of The Steve Frankel Group, with over 20 years of experience as a court appointed California Evidence Code Section 730 Custody Evaluator.  Since retiring as a licensed clinician and evaluator, she has spent her time teaching the ins and outs of what she’s learned, so other clinicians can benefit from her learning experiences as a custody evaluator. Since 1998, Dr. Wise has been a Certified Core Adjunct Faculty Professor/Student Advisor at National University, in San Diego, where she teaches psychology and human behavior courses. Dr. Wise designed this course for licensed California mental health professionals, but it’s not intended to exclude mental health professionals interested in the subject matter who are licensed in other jurisdictions.

Richard Zimmer, Ph.D. has been in practice for 22 years.  In addition to disaster work and as the RPA representative to the California Disaster Network, he works with individuals, couples, families, children and adults on the spectrum, ADD/ADHD, people with disabilities, gay and transgender children and adults, children and adults with medical issues, and children and adults where cultural issues are prominent.  He is also an anthropologist.  He retired from teaching at the Hutchins School, Sonoma State University, and continues to teach in the Eisner Institute for Professional Studies, a graduate online psychology program.

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