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A Guided Tour Through the Halls of Shame

alt Instructor: A. Steven Frankel, Ph.D., JD, ABPP

alt Approved for 1 Hours of CE Credit

alt Fulfills Requirements for Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs

alt High Resolution Video and Downloadable Slides

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This one-hour course was recorded live in the spring of 2010 at a conference of 500 line clinicians, affiliated with the County of San Mateo, California.  It was a plenary presentation designed to define, describe and delimit the critical role of shame in the lives of survivors of child abuse trauma.  The course begins with a definition of shame and the distinguishing of shame from other emotions, including embarrassment, humiliation, self-consciousness and guilt.  We then turn to a discussion of resilience, how it may be assessed and its role in the response to shame. We follow with shame-based dysfunction, as manifest in emotional, cognitive, self- and behavioral dysregulation.  Finally, we address the role of these impact of these dysregulations on interactions with clinicians, including traumatic transference and countertransference.

Course Goal and Objectives

Objectives: Completion of the 1-hour course will enhance your ability to:

  • Distinguish between shame, guilt, embarrassment, self-consciousness and humiliation
  • Define the concept of resilience
  • List at least three types of dysregulation associated with shame
  • Identify the impact of shame on transference and countertransference

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CE Approval Information

This course fulfills 1 hours Continuing Education credit for licensed mental health professionals in most states.

  • Approved for California Board of Behaviorial Sciences (BBS) licensed  MFTs, LCSWs, and Licensed Professional  Counselors.
  • The Steve Frankel Group, LLC (SFG), is an organization, institution, or association, recognized by the BBS as a continuing education provider, because SFG is approved by the American Psychological Association as an approved provider of CE credits.