Annette Oltmans

Annette Oltmans is the Founder and CEO of The MEND Project, a non-profit organization aimed at educating victims, survivors, helpers, and first responders on hidden emotional abuse, domestic violence, and double abuse.

She has conducted years of research - focusing on emotional abuse and double abuse - interviewing hundreds of victims, therapists, and faith-based leaders. The results of her research were used in creating the MEND Project's Responding to Abuse curriculum we are studying today.
She is a survivor of covert emotional abuse in her marriage. After a 3-year separation with both Annette and her husband doing a lot of therapeutic work with experts, they were able to successfully restore their marriage.

Ten thousand new visitors each month visit The MEND Project website accessing numerous tools and resources. The MEND Project also has an active YouTube channel where Annette dives deeper into topics related to Emotional Abuse and Double Abuse.

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