Cross-Cultural Encounters

alt Course: Cross-Cultural Encounters:
      Bridging Worlds of Difference

alt Instructor: Lawrence H. Hedges, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP

alt Approved for 5 Hours of CE Credit

alt Fulfills requirements for Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs

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Five Hours Continuing Education

Multiculturalism is rapidly becoming recognized as the fourth major force in psychology alongside the traditional psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic psychologies (Petersen, 1999).  Central to this course is the idea that we can never know the fullness of a person’s cultural identification and orientations.  In this sense, all relationships are cross-cultural encounters.

How can we, as professionals, learn to open ourselves to differences, to diversity, to ethnicity, to ethnosexuality, to our own prejudices and to prejudices and hatreds aimed at us?  Ten (10) perspectives for listening to multicultural and diversity issues in life and psychotherapy are explored.

Course Objectives

Overall goal: To help you identify areas of high risk in advance and know how to take appropriate preventative measures. Completion of the 5-hour course will enhance your ability to:

  • To learn how multiculturalism is coming to constitute the fourth force in the clinical disciplines.
  • To be able to formulate the major concerns of multicultural approaches to psychodiagnosis and psychotherapy.
  • To learn what is involved when any two people attempt to bridge their worlds of cultural differences.
  • To develop an appreciation for the multi-ethnic approach to interpersonal relationships that denies the objective reality of race while honoring the subjective realities of diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic identities.
  • To learn how immigration, children of immigration, central city living, class and ethnic differences all have an impact on clinical ethics, diagnosis, and practice.
  • To assess personal biases that effect cross-cultural and cross-ethnic encounters.  

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CE Approval Information

This course fulfills 5 hours of Continuing Education credit for licensed mental health professionals in most states.

  • Approved for California Board of Behaviorial Sciences (BBS) licensed  MFTs, LCSWs, and Licensed Professional  Counselors.
  • The Steve Frankel Group, LLC (SFG), is an organization, institution, or association, recognized by the BBS as a continuing education provider, because SFG is approved by the American Psychological Association as an approved provider of CE credits.

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