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Dominic “Nick” Lucia, Ed.D.

Dominic “Nick” Lucia, Ed.D. has a combined total of 30-years’ experience working in law enforcement, the fire service, and in emergency medical/rescue response. He served culturally and economically diverse communities and learned quickly that regardless of culture, beliefs, or socioeconomic status, people face similar challenges in life that can lead to psychological or emotional distress. Dr. Lucia has a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is working with Synde Acks, Pys.D., as a Psychologist Assistant (P.A.). He also works with Dr. Ive Eicken, Ph.D., at West Coast Trauma Retreat (WCPR), a five-day inpatient treatment program that is supported entirely by volunteers. First Responder peers and clinicians volunteer what time they can by conducting intakes or supporting treatment.