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Ethical Issues: Advanced Training for Experts Working with Domestic Violence

Ethical Issues: Advanced Training for Experts Working with Domestic Violence
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This new 5-hour course is available 24/7 in Online Video format, and requires a High-speed (cable, dsl) connection to the Internet.

Program Description:

This Ethical Issues course in Domestic Violence (DV) explores the best practices of Child Custody Evaluators when confronted with the need to assess DV allegations and alleged child sexual abuse. Participants will learn about their ethical responsibilities, in such situations, and how they relate to child custody for purposes of preparing her/his forensic report.

This course is included in the Education and Training requirements provided in, for example, California Rules of Court, rule 5.225(d)(3)(4). Students will be introduced to the ethical issues related to the assessment of domestic violence and the unique issues in family and psychological assessment in DV cases including: The effects of exposure to DV and psychological trauma on children, the nature and extent of domestic violence, gender, class, race and sexual orientation, and the appropriate structure of the child custody evaluation process, including maximum safety.

Students will learn how to gather and provide balanced information, including the identification and control of personal biases, and the impact of the evaluation report, while cognizant of the dynamics of ethical issues confronted in evaluations that involve alleged DV and/or allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Course Goal and Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical issues in Domestic Violence (DV) matters, as related to child custody, with regard to the psychological and developmental needs of children, especially to those needs related to decisions about child custody and visitation.
  • Describe specialty training skills and techniques needed to address the effects of DV on families experiencing domestic violence, including ethical issues concerning children.
  • Develop an understanding of complex issues related to professional ethics, in alleged DV situations, and the appropriate structure of the evaluation process, including maximum safety of children.
  • Identify and describe ethical considerations within the context of the dynamics of DV in child custody evaluations.
  • Summarize the standards of practice, and a range of recourses and interventions, that are applicable to DV.
  • Describe the unique ethical issues in DV and child custody evaluations cases.

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