Using EMDR & Effective Counseling Strategies to Help First Responders Restore Their Resilience

Using EMDR & Effective Counseling Strategies to Help First Responders Restore Their Resilience
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This new 2.5-hour course is available 24/7 in Online Video format, and requires a High-speed (cable, dsl) connection to the Internet.

Program Description:

While many EMDR Therapists are trained in treating people who have experienced traumatic events, this doesn’t guarantee they will be effective with the unique needs of the first responder population. Dr. Gilman’s presentation will address how EMDR treatment can benefit first responders who are repeatedly exposed to traumatic incidents, and how EMDR therapists can be successful with this population.

Through her ‘lessons learned,’ over 25 years working with police officers, firefighters, medical personnel, dispatchers and other emergency service professionals, Dr. Gilman will provide real life examples and updated research to support the value of EMDR with this population who we all depend on in times of great need.

Course Disclaimer -
One of the main purposes of this course is to help therapists learn what First Responders experience psychologically in their work, thus enabling therapists to more fully understand this population.

In this course there will be video clips of First Responders talking about what they have experienced, which contain graphic descriptions of traumatic situations. This material has the potential to cause participants discomfort or distress. The presenter will inform the participants prior to each clip so they may choose to mute your audio.


Goals & Objectives:

  • Apply specific information from current research studies about the unique impact of the occupational hazards effecting first responders’ psychological well-being.
  • Recognize how EMDR Therapy can be effective with this population.
  • Identify specific steps to build sustainable relationships with first responders and the agencies they work for.
  • Give examples of a wide range of supportive resources to continue to build their clinical skills in working with this population.
  • Apply three (3) specific tools to build effective rapport with the first responder population.
  • Explain the EMDR Therapy protocol to first responders following critical incidents.


After purchasing the course, you will instantly be taken to your Online Classroom page containing instructions and all course materials. You may begin the course at any time. When you've finished taking the course, you will complete an online program evaluation and post-test, and print your Certificate of Completion to receive CE credits.

 Your access to the course material extends for 3-years from the date of purchase.
This includes after passing the post-test, so you may continue to review its contents.

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