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Shelley Spear Chief, LCSW, MSWC

Shelley Spear Chief, MSW works with First Nation individuals with complex historical and ongoing traumatic experiences, within her private practice. She has supported First Nation Schools, Women Shelters, Children Services providing group counselling, art therapy, and a variety of kinship, parent capacity assessments. Shelley has been affiliated faculty for University of Calgary and Red Crow College teaching and infusing Indigenous framework into university transfer courses. In her clinical practice, she uses EMDR and Somatic approaches, as well as traditional psychotherapy, art therapy, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy within the cultural understanding of the client.

Shelley is a First Nations Lakota Woman who prioritizes client’s spiritual needs and strengths with a cultural framework of understanding. She is knowledgeable of the challenges faced by First Nations people. She is married to Moses Spear Chief of the Kainai Nation. They have three grandchildren members of the Kainai Nation. She is an accomplished Women’s Traditional Dancer along with her spouse who is a champion Men’s Traditional Dancer. They have been part of their sacred societies on the Nation. She has presented a variety of topics in the past on First Nation Trauma in surrounding Indigenous communities within Alberta.

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