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The Therapist's Professional Will: If Not Now, When? CE

The Therapist's Professional Will (6 hrs) Illnesses and other sudden emergencies happen to us all. Now is the time to plan for minor or serious illness, retirement, relocation, and death. This course teaches parti
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alt The Therapist's Professional Will: If Not Now, When? Honoring Your Ethical Responsibility (6 hrs)

This new 6-hour course is available 24/7 in Online Video format, and requires a High-speed (cable, dsl) connection to the Internet

Course Description:

Sudden emergencies happen to us all. Now is the time to plan for your minor or serious illnesses, retirement, relocation, and death. Psychotherapist Ann Steiner, Ph.D., LMFT, CGP*, FAGPA* walks participants through the process of protecting their patients, colleagues, families and themselves.

Did you know that you are REQUIRED to have a Professional Will?
Most clinicians aren’t aware that their Ethics Codes require them to have a plan in place for the disposition of their practices in the event of an unplanned absence.  Every guild and professional organization for mental health professionals expects its members to have at least the equivalent of a Professional Will.

Taking this course will jump-start you on the path to gain peace of mind.  Knowing that you have done everything possible to assure continuity of care for your patients/clients is a gift for everyone.

Overall goal: To enhance your understanding of the need for and benefits of having a Therapist’s Professional Will, the wide range of issues involved in creating a Will that fits your clinical practice, and techniques to simplify the process.


  • List the primary reasons why the ethics codes of all mental health disciplines require the equivalent of a Professional Will.
  • Analyze when and whether it is appropriate to be self-disclosing regarding the therapist’s health, reasons for cancellation of sessions and/or termination.
  • List the essential ingredients of a comprehensive Therapist’s Professional Will.
  • Describe your plan to minimize the trauma caused to patients/clients when the therapist has to cancel, transfer or terminate treatment earlier than expected.


After purchasing the course, you will instantly be taken to your Online Classroom page containing instructions and all course materials. You may begin the course at any time. If you need to leave or plan on taking a break before completing a module, you are welcome to return to the video course at another time. Just remember to make a note of where you are in the video.

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